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WhatsApp Hack

With this awesome WhatsApp Hack Tool you can spy on any number: You can read the chat logs, view all of their pictures and even write messages from a number to another number. This is the perfect tool to find out what your friends are talking about you, or if your girlfriend is cheating etc!

  • Hack conversations

    With this awesome piece of software, you can view all chat logs / conversations of the number you want to hack.

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    Because of our advanced algorithms, we made this program safe and you can not get detected, caught or whatsoever with this tool.

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    Our team works very hard so our tool works on future versions of WhatsApp.

  • Well written help file

    If you have trouble using our WhatsApp Spy / Hack Tool you can always view our help file, which takes you through all of the steps that are needed in order to hack WhatsApp.

  • View photos

    Yes, its true. With this tool you can also view the photos of your victim, and export them to your PC.

  • Quick survey to prevent spam

    Because our tool is the only one on the market, and to prevent it from beeing abused you have to complete a short and quick survey before downloading.

WhatsApp Hack Tool

WhatsApp is a communication application for iOS and Android devices that has become really popular in the past few years. It was officially introduced in 2009 when it started as a small application invented by a group of enthusiast. Nowadays it is one of the top 5 apps used for communication and it is now owned by Facebook.

So what makes WhatsApp so special? First of all, unlike Skype, WhatsApp recognizes contacts from your contact list and if they have WhatsApp account they are automatically added on your list. So after installation you’ll be ready to use WhatsApp with your friends immediately (you can call them, send SMS, Images etc.). WhatsApp requires WiFi or HSDPA/3G connection and the good news is that the calls and messages are completely free no matter if you are talking with someone in your country or abroad. Another thing that makes WhatsApp so attractive is its interface. You can rarely find an app with such a beautiful and user-friendly interface. Even users that have almost no experience with smartphones / tablets can easily browse through this app’s features and find what they want in a matter of seconds. Calling and sending messages is equally easy and there is also an option of sending messages to multiple contacts at once which is pretty convenient especially if you are planning some event or you have some special announcement for your friends, family or co-workers. Besides images and text messages you can also send video files and many other types of files. Although using WhatsApp requires internet, if you are offline the message is stored and you will receive it once you are back online. WhatsApp is completely free application that can be used anywhere in the world. Besides Android and iOS, it can also be used on Symbian and BlackBerry devices too.

WhatsApp Spy Download

Just like any other application WhatsApp is not invulnerable to hack attacks. So far WhatsApp management has officially confirmed several hack attacks (in 2011 and 2012) which is another confirmation that there are some WhatsApp hack tool that really works. You can easily find the WhatsApp hack on the internet by browsing some of the major search engines. Just type “WhatsApp Spy Download” and you will get a lot of results. Some of these software solutions come in a form of whatsapp spy hack tool but you can also find a regular whatsapp spy download that can give you access to someone else’s account. Our whatsapp hack tool comes with a complete guide about how to hack whatsapp so you won’t have any problem with the process even if you are a beginner in this stuff. With the guide you can easily find out information about someone’s phone and access their chat logs. The software allows recording audio and video calls, location tracking and even remote control of the app. Whether you are trying to find out if your girlfriend is cheating you or maybe you are pulling a prank on your friend, the whatsapp hack is here to help you!

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  • I can't believe this tool is free, I completed a short survey for it but it was totally worth it. I can extract the photos of any number now directly to my desktop.

    Mary Rosewood, California
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